Fill up your garden!



I’m sure you’ve heard about the mass bee deaths and now the fate of the monarch butterflies is raising red flags. What is a homeowner to do? Plant bee and butterfly friendly gardens! If you don’t think that your little garden can help the pollinators and other ecologically important bugs, you’re wrong. At the local bee meetings I attend we are hearing that urban bee keeping may be key in keeping sustainable bee populations, and urban bees need urban gardens. The Grow a Dream plant sale is happening tomorrow at the Concession Street Festival. From 11:00am until 6:00pm come and stop by our tent and we’ll help you fill up your garden. You can feel good about helping the bees and butterflies, and you can also feel good about helping out the Juravinski Cancer Centre. Win-win! See you tomorrow.


The kindness of strangers is a recipe for new friendships

Joan has been out and about collecting perennials from generous gardeners, and we’ve both been helping neighbours with their gardening and being rewarded with perennials for the plant sale. Joan has even been out helping people she happens to meet with their gardening. She has been on the receiving end of: “If you do my gardening, you can take what you want.” So she does, but only takes some, not too much, so that gardens remain pretty and full.

And then there are those that reply to her Kijiji ad which asks for perennial donations. Jane is one such person. She has written a beautiful post about Joan and Grow a Dream on her website. You can read the article by clicking here. Jane is also a Hamiltonian with an Etsy Shop featuring upcycled jewelry. I always love finding new Canadian shop owners on Etsy, don’t you?

Thanks to everyone who donated perennials to the Grow a Dream fundraiser! We have a whole host of plants just waiting for a new garden; maybe yours? We couldn’t do this without your support. Thank you!!! Hopefully we’ll meet some new friends and reconnect with old ones at the Festival this SATURDAY!


I’ve been in the garden. What have you been up to?

We are 16 days away from the fundraiser during the Concession Street Festival on June 7th. If you have been gardening, like me, maybe you’ve split some perennials and you’d like to donate them to the Grow A Dream plant sale. If you are in the Hamilton – Niagara area and you do, drop us a line at Thanks so much!


Birdhouses for sale!

Joan has been busy building birdhouses to sell at the fundraiser during the Concession Street Festival on June 7th. They are pretty fancy pants and decorated with local materials (more or less). She glazes them so they hold up to the elements outside. Want one? Come see us at the festival!

bird houses 004

You can learn more about the Grow a Dream fundraiser here.

This post is close to us…

A drug that can help wipe out reservoirs of cancer cells in bone marrow.

News on this study was exciting for our family. Imagine a drug (cyclophosphamide ) that is already created and used, sitting right under our noses, and it can trick the immune system and find hidden tumor cells in bone marrow.  Almost seems like a dream come true for patients who don’t qualify for a bone marrow transplant, doesn’t it? I’ll be following the folks at MIT closely on this one.

Although the funds raised by the Grow A Dream fundraiser do not go to research, it is research like this that gives us hope, not just for our family, but for every family that spends any amount of time in a cancer unit. That is why we have chosen to help fund the Juravinski Cancer Centre in patient care. We want to make patients and families more comfortable during treatment. If you feel the same, hop on over and give a donation. All amounts can help us Grow A Dream.

More about the Grow A Dream fundraiser can be found here.

I once had a Doctor tell me…

“I don’t have ultrasound eyes.”

This is a true story. While I didn’t expect that she did, I thought perhaps radiology could shed some light (no  pun intended, ahem) into the pain that was radiating throughout my insides. Alas, radiology was closed for the day and I was sent home to follow-up with my family doctor and take some Tylenol. I’m still here telling this story, so it all worked out (thanks to my NP). So what is my point? The future is bright for my doctor who does not have ultrasound eyes. Heck if google can outfit glasses with tiny screens, then it makes sense that scientists can do this?



Yes, these are cancer cell seeing glasses. The greatest benefit… a reduced need for a second surgery, which according to the article occurs in 20 to 25% of breast cancer patients. I imagine these come with a hefty price tag, but we could GROW A DREAM… just sayin’.