About Joan

Joan Durley, a Registered Nurse started her Emergency Nursing career after a four day adventure of driving across Canada, landing herself in North Vancouver at Lion’s Gate Emergency Department. After obtaining her Emergency Nursing Specialty Certificate and valuable experience, she returned home to Ontario and started working for Hamilton Hgrow a dream 028ealth Sciences in 2007.

Joan currently works in the Juravinski Emergency Department- providing treatment to a variety of patients, including those with cancer. The word “cancer” alone elicits a fear of many mixed emotions for any individual faced with the diagnosis. She never believed a family member would be affected- this changed in June 2012 when a family member was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). She was there to support her family during the treatment and is grateful for the care everyone provided.

“Grow a dream” is a fundraiser to demonstrate her gratitude, to support cancer patients and family members, and to bring the Juravinski community closer together. Anyone can dream- together we can make the dream of supporting one another and strengthening our community a reality.