Success… $3,500.00 raised!


It’s been just just over a week now and everyone who bought some perennials from our plant sale during the Concession Street Festival (and there were a lot of you) should now be enjoying the new additions to your garden. We couldn’t have done this without all of the extremely generous plant donations from neighbours, friends and family. Thank you a million times over. We had a few draws to help raise money as well.

And the winners are… (drum roll please)…

Royal Botanical Garden day passes: Michele and Lorraine
Garden Gift Basket (donated by Waterdown Seniors Group)- Kate
Flight over Niagara Falls (donated by Lizzy McFLy): Mike
Congratulations to the four of you. Enjoy your prizes and thank you for helping us Grow a Dream!
We raised $3,500.00 between an indoor plant sale, perennial sale, raffles, and online donations. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to let you all know what we bought for the Juravinski Cancer Centre.

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