The kindness of strangers is a recipe for new friendships

Joan has been out and about collecting perennials from generous gardeners, and we’ve both been helping neighbours with their gardening and being rewarded with perennials for the plant sale. Joan has even been out helping people she happens to meet with their gardening. She has been on the receiving end of: “If you do my gardening, you can take what you want.” So she does, but only takes some, not too much, so that gardens remain pretty and full.

And then there are those that reply to her Kijiji ad which asks for perennial donations. Jane is one such person. She has written a beautiful post about Joan and Grow a Dream on her website. You can read the article by clicking here. Jane is also a Hamiltonian with an Etsy Shop featuring upcycled jewelry. I always love finding new Canadian shop owners on Etsy, don’t you?

Thanks to everyone who donated perennials to the Grow a Dream fundraiser! We have a whole host of plants just waiting for a new garden; maybe yours? We couldn’t do this without your support. Thank you!!! Hopefully we’ll meet some new friends and reconnect with old ones at the Festival this SATURDAY!


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