Do you have a fairy garden?

Now that the weather is warming up a tich we have been spending a lot more time outside. We’ve been slowly cleaning up the gardens and all the branches and twigs from the December ice storm, but we’ve also been adding a little bit of colour by way of a fairy garden.


After many summers of having my flowers picked, garden stones unturned, sticks planted, and my bird bath home to many witches brew by a gaggle of girls, this year I decided to give them their own dedicated space, and a portable one at that.

Grampa found an old wheelbarrow, cleaned it up and painted it. We drilled a few holes in the bottom for drainage and filled the bottom with styrofoam “popcorn” to keep it light so it can easily be moved around the yard. We added some soil and then got to work decorating. I purchased a few birdhouses at the dollar store and cut out the doors. We painted them with outdoor paint in vibrant colours and added them to the wheelbarrow garden. The paths are made with shells and glow in the dark stones and we added a bird bath made from shells. We just need to add some flowers (as soon as it warms up).



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