BPA-free doesn’t mean it is safe

Just the other day I had a conversation about plastics and BPA with my mom. We have both been very careful not to buy any plastics that aren’t BPA-free or made in China (sorry China – it’s the lead thing). She had found a bento box for my lunch bag that fit all my criteria. It was BPA-free, not made in a land far way, and the dimensions were perfect. Well, I thought it was perfect until I read this article.

Research on sippy cups has found that there is a significant amount of estrogenic activity even in

Image from ceh.org: A Warning for Parents: “BPA-Free” May Not Equal “Safe”

Image from ceh.org: A Warning for Parents: “BPA-Free” May Not Equal “Safe”

BPA-free plastics. Yep, research on sippy cups – that spill-proof-life-saver-of-a-cup that most every parent uses for their toddlers. Estrogen is the primary female hormone and a powerful one at that. Just to give you a sense about how powerful a hormone it is, consider that approximately 80% of breast cancers, once established, rely on supplies of the hormone estrogen to grow. These cancers are known as hormone-sensitive or hormone-receptor-positive cancers, and estrogen suppression is usually part of treatment for these cancers. By now, your intelligent mind has equated that we are giving our children a side of estrogen with their water. Or perhaps, you just washed your birth control pill (aka estrogen) down with a slug of bottled water; double dose for you.

This research from PlastiPure/CertiChem and UC Davis has opened my eyes. I’ve always been cautious with plastic + food, but I’ll be sure to use only glass or stainless steel from now on. So, what do I do with my new bento box now? Perhaps we can use it to store hair elastics and barrettes, or to store and sort our bead collection, or maybe we can use it for our jewelry… it won’t go to waste but it won’t be storing food at any rate.


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