This post is close to us…

A drug that can help wipe out reservoirs of cancer cells in bone marrow.

News on this study was exciting for our family. Imagine a drug (cyclophosphamide ) that is already created and used, sitting right under our noses, and it can trick the immune system and find hidden tumor cells in bone marrow.  Almost seems like a dream come true for patients who don’t qualify for a bone marrow transplant, doesn’t it? I’ll be following the folks at MIT closely on this one.

Although the funds raised by the Grow A Dream fundraiser do not go to research, it is research like this that gives us hope, not just for our family, but for every family that spends any amount of time in a cancer unit. That is why we have chosen to help fund the Juravinski Cancer Centre in patient care. We want to make patients and families more comfortable during treatment. If you feel the same, hop on over and give a donation. All amounts can help us Grow A Dream.

More about the Grow A Dream fundraiser can be found here.


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