I once had a Doctor tell me…

“I don’t have ultrasound eyes.”

This is a true story. While I didn’t expect that she did, I thought perhaps radiology could shed some light (no  pun intended, ahem) into the pain that was radiating throughout my insides. Alas, radiology was closed for the day and I was sent home to follow-up with my family doctor and take some Tylenol. I’m still here telling this story, so it all worked out (thanks to my NP). So what is my point? The future is bright for my doctor who does not have ultrasound eyes. Heck if google can outfit glasses with tiny screens, then it makes sense that scientists can do this?



Yes, these are cancer cell seeing glasses. The greatest benefit… a reduced need for a second surgery, which according to the article occurs in 20 to 25% of breast cancer patients. I imagine these come with a hefty price tag, but we could GROW A DREAM… just sayin’.


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