Seed starting on the cheap!

It is almost time to start your seeds indoors for Spring planting. All seeds have different start times so be sure to check the seed packet and the last frost date for your locale. For us Hamiltonians, our last frost date is in and around May 10th.

While I don’t have an intricate light system that seedlings need, I have been known to try to grow seeds in window sills. Sometimes I am successful and sometimes not so much. I am much better at growing squash from seeds in the compost pile, but it is still fun trying.

If you are planning on starting seeds indoors this year, here are some inexpensive container ideas to get you started. Paper egg cartons are great, as are toilet paper rolls. If you are the creative type, you may even want to make some newspaper pots. Anything paper and cardboard can be planted right into the ground making transplanting a snap! Seeds can also be planted in egg shells and can be a fun way to get the kids involved.

Have fun!images


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