Did you ever play Labyrinth as a kid? I was obsessed with the game. Trouble is, my family didn’t own this game. I had to wait to get invited over to Christine’s house to play and she never wanted to play. I could play until my fingers hurt and my eyes blurred. Eventually the game went missing from her toy shelf, but not before I made it through the entire labyrinth without sinking my marble once! Why the nostalgia? My husband brought one home today from our aftercare program at school. The bottom needs fixing, but that didn’t stop me from busting out a marble and giving it a go. Apparently it isn’t like riding a bike. I have some practicing to do and we can’t keep it because that is “like stealing, mom”. Sigh.

Happy weekend, you know what I’ll be doing this a-lot-of-snow-in-the-forecast-perfect-weekend-to-stay-inside-and-master-labyrinth-weekend. What are you up to?


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