How do you describe yourself?

imagesCALYMSFBMy six year old had me stitches over this the other night. She offered this up without any prompting, and it reflected events that shaped her day. There is a lot of truth to how she describes herself, and it is a description truly worth reflecting on.

“I was born to forget and born to run.”

I believe that our state of mind can affect the state of our health. This study and practice is called psychoneuroimmunology (PNI). You can read more about PNI here, and I suggest you do, especially if you are subject to a lot of stress. Stress can be toxic. I know I’ve felt the harmful effects of it; I’d hazard a guess that most adults have. We often define ourselves or describe our day by how busy we are, how full our calendars are, how tired we are; not who we were really born to be, or what gives us balance and makes us happy.

If you take a moment to reflect on the six year old’s description, it makes a lot of sense. She is forgetful (something she inherited from her father) and her forgetfulness can cause her great stress. Trust me I’ve witnessed this first hand. Now look closer. She acknowledges her stressor and has found something that brings her great happiness and accomplishment – running.

How do you describe yourself? It could define your health status.


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