seedsHave your seed catalogs arrived yet? Mine started showing up in my mailbox before Christmas. I always give them to my dad first with permission  to mark up the pages and then it’s my turn. I usually end up with far too many sticky notes on too many pages. It is such an effort to whittle my choices down to a manageable variety (and cost). If I come across something I really want but looks difficult to grow from seed, I will order it for someone else and gift it. This puts the pressure on them, not me. For example, our friend Chuck has excellent success with zucchini. We don’t get enough sun to grow it, so he’ll be getting a pack of Black Beauty Squash seeds. My sister Joan might get a pack of mixed succulent seeds because I think succulents are so unique and Joan is good with seeds. For me, I have my eye on growing goji berries – but I might just buy a plant and not attempt the seed route, or I’ll stick to lettuce. Lettuce boosts my gardening confidence; so easy. Do you grow from seed or do you prefer to buy plants?

Just an FYI – Here are the deets for Seedy Saturday in Hamilton in 2014. It’s a great opportunity to share your seeds and collect some new ones!


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