A smarter solution than sunscreen?

Here in Ontario, Canada you may be thinking more about staying warm than sunburn, but that is not going to stop me from mentioning it anyway.

The Canadian Cancer Society estimated that approximately 3,300 males and 2,700 females in Canada would get melanoma, aka skin cancer in 2013. You might think that the simple solution to avoiding skin cancer would be to slap on some SPF and carry on. Trouble is, the Environmental Working Group has done their homework and many sunscreens contain known carcinogens. Keep in mind there are alternative sunscreens that are deemed “safe” but what if you could use technology to avoid overexposure to the sun’s harmful rays? Intriguing, isn’t it? I personally don’t like to wear sunscreen of any sort. I find it heavy on my skin, and sticky. So, wasn’t I excited to stumble across JUNE by Netatmo.

JUNE is a bracelet with a jewel sensor that works in tandem with an App to let the wearer know when they have had too much sun. Depending on the person’s skin type, the App calculates the suggested maximum daily exposure, and lets you know when to cover up or get out of the sun. Considering this bracelet is designed for women, and reading through JUNE’s website it appears that was developed with protecting a woman’s skin from sun damage and its effect on a youthful appearance, as opposed to developing skin cancer. Regardless, I wouldn’t mind a little gizmo telling me to seek some shade as I can rarely tell when I’m getting sunburn until it is too late. I wonder if they could add another feature to the App to let me know when I’ve achieved my daily vitamin D levels for the day. This could be especially useful in the winter when we are forced to take supplemental vitamin D. Do you think JUNE could be used as a cancer preventative measure – or am I alone in my thinking? What do you think a male version should look like?

(Please note, in no way has Netatmo sponsored Grow a Dream. We have not received anything from Netatmo. My comments and opinions are simply my own, and are only based on information taken from JUNE’s webpage.)



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