ice,snow, ice, polar vortex, rain… what is this crazy weather?

Happy New Year! and what a crazy New Year it has been! Since the big ice storm before Christmas that left us without power for 14 hours and Joan without power for just over 24 hours, we’ve had significant snowfall just last Sunday, the polar vortex descended upon us shortly after and now 8oC and rain???Yikes… I wonder what impact this will have on the garden? A lot of the neighbourhood trees took a hit during the ice storm, but I do wonder what all this crazy freeze-thaw-freeze is doing beneath the soil.

On other notes, our holiday was enjoyable. Despite a broken oven (I swear it worked the night before), I was able to pull off Christmas dinner. A big thank you to our neighbour Jack for letting me cook the turkey at his place. The rest of holiday stayed quiet and before we knew it we entered 2014. This year I decided I was going to expand our vegetable garden this summer and we are going to plant a few dwarf fruit trees. With all the trees down from the ice storm, it is the least we can do, and who doesn’t love biting into a fresh picked apple warmed by the sun? What are your gardening plans for 2014? Share in the comments below. We’d love to hear about your garden and don’t forget to check out our Grow A Dream sponsors for gardening inspiration.


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