A solution when the grass just won’t grow

There is a very big old birch tree in our yard and the grass just won’t grow under it; no matter how hard we try. I suppose we don’t try too hard photo (2)because we can get the grass to grow in the spring when the canopy from the birch is not crowding out the sunlight and the rain is plentiful, but as soon as the first heat of summer comes, the grass goes. I don’t like to water the grass – it just seems wrong. And so, every summer we are left looking at a giant patch of dirt under the birch. I could extend the garden and add more hostas, but I’m just not up for it, and the plants wouldn’t stand a chance with a new puppy in the house. And then I started looking on Pinterest for ideas, and I noticed we had a lot of those square patio stones that were not being used… and a pink and purple hopscotch was born. It fills the space nicely, adds some colour, and provides some fun for little ones too!


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