Mint in the garden

Mint is a very aggressive perennial herb, but I just can’t help myself. I have two patches of chocolate mint (one in the garden and one in a pot), a patch of spearmint, and one clump or orange mint. I plan on adding pineapple mint next year. I use mint fresh in salads or teas, or sometimes I just add a sprig to my water for some added flavour. Come the end of summer, I harvest all my mint, dry it and enjoy mint tea all winter long. Right now, we enjoy a pot of chocolate mint tea most evenings. We just pick a sprig, pour boiling water over it and voila: chocolate mint tea. Some people allow their mint to spread into their lawn so that they can enjoy a minty fragrance when they cut the lawn. Others add it to homemade ice cream.

Do you grow mint in your garden? If so, how do you use your mint?

photo (7)

Chocolate mint growing in a pot in my garden.


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