Backyard compost – a gardener’s delight

No matter what type of gardener you are, the next best thing to seeing your vegetables grow or your flowers bloom is making your own compost. Most cities have green bin recycling for all your kitchen scraps. We tend to use the city’s green bin for our meat and dairy compostables and our own backyard composter for everything else. We also have a small vermicomposter in the kitchen, but it doesn’t produce much in the way of compost. It is just for fun. Compost adds numerous nutrients to you garden and if you do a little experiment by planting identical plants, one in compost, the other in regular soil (with no fertilizer), you’d be amazed at the difference compost makes. Try it and you’ll be hooked on cooking up your own compost, I’m sure of it!

Sometimes, especially in the summer, your compost can go a little sour, and no one wants to smell that. Here’s a few tips to keep your compost healthy, stink and bug free.




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